Accessibility Features

Our website has been assessed with WAVE and complies with AA-level accessibility standards, owing to the following attributes:

  1. Automatic adjustment to font size alterations
  2. Full keyboard accessibility
  3. Option for high-contrast display
  4. Compatibility with screen readers

For any inquiries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us via our contact page.

Adjusting Font Size

Manage the font size effortlessly with these key combinations:

  • Increase: Control + Plus
  • Decrease: Control + Minus
  • Reset: Control + Zero

Full Keyboard Accessibility

Our website guarantees comprehensive keyboard accessibility, allowing users to navigate menus and links solely with a keyboard, eliminating the need for a mouse.

Enhanced Contrast Display

The high-contrast display feature is especially beneficial for individuals with color blindness and visual impairments. It encompasses the following adjustments:

  • Underlined links
  • Conversion of colors to black and white
  • Grayscale images with increased contrast

Click the link below to toggle between standard and high-contrast displays. Your high-contrast display preference will be stored as a cookie in your browser for one hour.

Demonstrating contrast display Demonstrating contrast display