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  • Secret vote / Open vote
  • Vote scheduling

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Voting Form

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Automated reminders

VoteClick includes an automatic reminder feature that sends up to two reminders to voters who haven't cast their vote yet.

The first reminder is sent halfway through the voting period, and the second is sent two hours before the voting period ends.

Alarm clock

Reminders On Demand

VoteClick offers a versatile voting link where you can enter the email address or phone number of the voter to whom the reminder will be sent.

You can also share this link with any voter who desires to receive an additional voting invitation for themselves.

Offline Connectivity Alert

VoteClick detects when a voter's device is not connected to the internet during the voting process.

If a voter attempts to submit their vote without an internet connection, they will receive a message indicating that the vote was not successfully received and will be prompted to try again once they regain connectivity.

Randomizing Choices for Fair Voting

In certain voting scenarios, individuals are chosen for positions from a list of candidates.

However, the order in which candidates appear on the list may introduce bias in the voting process.

To address this concern, VoteClick offers a feature that randomizes the order of candidates on the voting form.

This helps ensure fairness and neutrality throughout the voting process.


Collaborative Review for Accurate Voting Forms

Ensuring that the voting form is error-free before it goes live is crucial, as it cannot be changed once the voting process has started.

VoteClick provides a preview link for each form, displaying the form exactly as voters will see it.

We recommend sharing this preview link with additional reviewers to gather feedback before approving the voting form for distribution.

This collaborative review process helps ensure that the form is error-free, promoting fair and accurate voting.


Weighted Voting for Stakeholders

In some voting situations, it might be necessary to assign different voting weights to voters based on specific criteria, such as the number of apartments they own in a building or their share in a company.

VoteClick enables you to assign a unique voting weight to each voter, reflecting their individual voting power.


Automated Error Detection in Voter Data

VoteClick automatically checks for errors in email addresses and phone numbers as soon as voter data is uploaded.

If any inaccurate information is detected, VoteClick quickly filters it out and generates an alert to notify you of the errors.

Additionally, if an email sent to a specific address bounces back, VoteClick will automatically remove the address from the voter list and generate an alert to keep you informed.

Automated Duplicate Contact Detection

VoteClick prevents duplicates of email addresses or phone numbers in the voter list by default.

If the system detects any duplicates, it will automatically remove them and issue a warning.

However, there is an option to explicitly allow duplicates to accommodate situations like spouses who share the same email address and need to cast separate votes.

Multiple Contact Details for a Single Voter

VoteClick allows a single voter to have multiple phone numbers and email addresses.

This situation usually occurs when a family of several members has a single vote in the election. In this case, voting invitations will be sent to all family members.

After the first family member casts their vote, the system prevents any other family members from voting to ensure that each vote is unique and that there is no duplication or invalidation of votes.

Efficient Generation of Voter Lists Based on Meeting Attendance

In some cases, only attendees of a meeting are eligible to vote.

To facilitate this, the voter list screen offers a feature for quickly copying voters between lists.

With this feature, it is possible to create a voter list that includes only those who are present at the meeting in a very short amount of time.