Online voting
Voter Guide

How to Vote

You'll be sent an invitation to vote via WhatsApp, SMS, or email. This invitation contains a secure link.

Upon clicking the link, you'll be guided to the voting form, where you can cast your vote with just a few additional clicks.

Please note: WhatsApp invitations will come from one of our assigned numbers, and SMS invitations will be sent under the sender name "VoteClick."

No Code or Password Needed

With VoteClick, you are not required to enter a code or password to identify yourself.

Instead, the system generates a unique personal voting code for each voter and incorporates it into the voting link sent to you.

By clicking the link, your code is submitted to our system, thereby identifying you.

Further details on identity verification

Activating the Voting Link in WhatsApp Invitations

Upon receiving a WhatsApp invitation to vote, you may encounter an inactive link in the message. To activate the link, simply add the sender's number to your contacts.

Once the link is active, click on it to access the voting form and cast your vote.

VPN and 403 error message

Should you encounter a 403 error message while attempting to access the voting link, it could be due to our firewall blocking your workplace VPN.

To resolve this issue, disconnect from the VPN and try accessing the link once more.

Preventing Duplicate Votes

Maintaining the integrity and fairness of the voting process is of utmost importance to us, and one measure we take is preventing duplicate votes.

After casting your vote, the system logs your participation, disallowing any subsequent attempts to vote again.

Further information on preventing duplicate votes