Online voting
Track and Analyze Voting Results


As a monitor, you are responsible for overseeing the entire voting process from the moment it begins until it ends.

Your role includes monitoring the voting turnout, keeping track of who has voted and who has not, and observing any actions taken by the vote administrators.

The results page

Upon opening the vote, the system sends you a link to the results page.

The results page is your control panel. It displays the following data in real-time:

  • Voter turnout
  • Voting log
  • List of voters who have cast their vote
  • List of voters who have not yet voted
  • Interim vote count (available only for open voting)
  • Ballots (available only for open voting)

Voting log

The voting log automatically records every significant action that takes place during the vote, including:

  • Changes to the end date
  • Updates to the voter list
  • Dates of distribution of invitations and reminders to voters

Exposing this information to monitors allows for real-time control and prevents the possibility of manipulating the results by administrators.

Announcing the Final Results

Once the vote has been closed, the final vote count is presented on the results page.

Simultaneously, the system generates a digitally signed results file and sends it to the administrators and monitors. This file is also available for download from the results page.

Please note that VoteClick does not distribute voting results to voters.