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Vote without an application

The Challenge with Voting Apps

One of the main challenges of using a voting app for elections is that it requires all eligible voters to have the app installed on their devices.

Unfortunately, this can lead to a significant number of potential voters choosing not to vote due to technical difficulties or simply being unwilling to install the app.

Our Solution: Convenient Voting via WhatsApp, SMS, and Email

At VoteClick, we have developed a solution that makes voting more accessible to everyone.

We offer the option of voting through WhatsApp, SMS, and email, which allows voters to easily participate in the election without the need for a specific app.

Using our platform, voters can simply click on a secure link to cast their vote, making the process quick, easy, and straightforward.

Additionally, this method allows voters to even cast their ballots from their personal computers, further increasing convenience and accessibility.

Check out our Voter Guide page to see a demonstration of the simple and secure process of voting via VoteClick:

Voter Guide